Model Submission Guidelines

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If you made some additions/corrections to the existing model or created a new one, it's always a good idea to share your work with others. In the model creation howto you will find information about model authoring and packaging.

Even though the standard set of CESE models belongs to com.javable.cese.models package, your own models can be moved to the separate package, if required.

Make sure that the model class and correspondent BeanInfo are packaged into the .jar archive. If you wish, add the source code to the same, or a separate archive. If you include the source code, clearly specify the license type either at the beginning of the source code file(s), or in the accompanying README file. Standard CESE models are distributed under the terms of GNU GPL2 license. Keep this in mind when creating a derivative work.

It is always a good idea to include the additional documentation file (for example, a short README) describing the model, listing author(s) and institution(s) where the model was created, and providing references. If you have any special conditions or provisions, make sure to include them into the documentation as well.

Finally, send the archive(s) to as attachments and we will contact you as soon as model is added to our repository.

by Sergey Missan